Stories of Bravery

LifeBridge Health

Lifebridge Health case study

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit health care organizations it hit hard, and it hit fast. LifeBridge Health was prepared. Guided by a commitment to their compelling Care Bravely brand promise, LifeBridge continued to provide care to a community in need — no matter the individual circumstance.

Stories of Bravery were developed for the LifeBridge Health Annual Report to the Community. Executives spoke of the impact of the pandemic on the organization. Real-life stories illustrated the innovative efforts of the LifeBridge team members as they stepped up and created much needed PPE items, leveraged technology to empower skyrocketing telemedicine visits, and connected with patients to provide both personal care and comfort. By displaying a commitment to caring bravely, the report serves as a testament the LifeBridge Heath brand.

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